Thursday, 27 December 2012

Iron on Floor

This is Thatch Cottage in the making...
I decorated the walls inside with a delicate pink floral paper and to add a shabby, old, used look I first painted all my wood brown, this included skirting boards, window frames and door and I even added some horizontal strips of wood for effect.  Once the brown paint had dried I added a little candle wax then painted everything in matt pink.  Lastly when all paint was dry I rubbed some of the paint off in areas I felt would be scuffed over time.  

The floor is miniature iron on flooring... great stuff and easy to use.  Here are some pictures of the floor being ironed in place.  Looks lovely when its finished.  Or course it also looked rather neat, tidy and clean so I dirtied it up a little later one with a little paint wash. 


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