Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Comfy Chair Tutorial

This is Thatch Cottage in the making...
I made a little armchair from old card and some floral fabric, below you can see how I did it.

I began by taking the size from another 1/12th scale chair, then I cut out some cardboard and created the basic shape.  

The first section of cardboard.
Now add a section of card for the seat.

I padded the arms and the back and even the front at the base. 

I then covered the back of the chair with floral fabric.

I made a little cushion.

I padded the arms.

I covered the front section of the arm.

Then the back of the arms so there are no gaps.

I padded the front of the chair.

I covered the rest of the main chair, glued the base in place.

Covered the back.

Lastly I added a frill and here is the finished chair.


  1. gill i love this chair and you make it look so easy that i am going to have a go but bet it doesnt look anything like this lol lol... xxxx

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like this tutorial to create the chair. In your photos seems an easy job. I am unable to create it. Happy New Year. Since I became a follower of your new blog. We keep in touch in 2013.

  3. Wonderful tutorial thank you :) Your chair is beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Thanks for sharing.
    I like your armchair.
    Bye Faby

  5. Thanks for sharing how to make an armchair!!
    It looks fantstic!
    Happy new year to you and your family.

  6. What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing =)
    Take care!

  7. Hallo Gil,
    dies ist eine tolle Arbeit und faszinierend wie man mit
    sehr günstigen Materialien einen so tollen Sessel basteln kann.
    Danke fürs zeigen.
    Liebe Grüße

  8. precioso. gracias por compartirlo.

  9. Thanks for the great tutorial. This is on my to-do list for tomorrow. I love working with cardboard.

  10. BEAUTIFUL!!.. First time here, and do I have a doll house for this! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial! ~tina

  11. You make that look so easy looks great nice little chair

  12. I love it! It very beautiful this armchair. Congratulations!

  13. Sencillamente precioso!!! Un abrazo.

  14. Супер! Спасибо!

  15. thanks for sharing this tutorial. I've shared this on my blog hope it's ok

  16. Hi Wilson here from Kenya your work is so amazing, will try then let you know thank you for sharing your art.

  17. Your work is beautiful thank you for sharing my granddaughter loves Barbie and wants a dollhouse your sharing helps me to make one thank you

  18. Olá Gill @ TeenyTinyThings,
    quero dizer que adorei esta poltrona, é maravilhosa! Gostaria de pedir permissão para publicar este tutorial no meu blog. Na verdade já publiquei, deixei todas as informações sobre seu blog, os créditos da sua autoria. Eu sou brasileira e fiz uma tradução do seu tutorial para o português. Visite meu blog e veja como fiz:
    Porém, quero saber se não tem problema pra você. Se você não autorizar retirarei imediatamente a publicação do meu blog. Obrigada por compartilhar! Grata. Pecunia MilliM

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  20. Just started to do things like this and you are right this is the easiest tutorial for a chair I have seen, thank you for sharing, will be a project for my granddaughter and I

  21. This is adorable. My aunt taught me to do these when I was a teen. It's something one never forgets about, those amazing times when someone teaches you something this amazing. Thanks for sharing your little chair contructable... lotzharts! 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖

  22. σας ευχαρηστω κανω κουκλοσπιτο και θελω πολλα επιπλα διακοσμιση..διαφορα μαζευω..ευχαριστω πολυ ειναι υπεροχη την φανταζομε σαλονακι τελειο?

  23. γιατι τετοια χαζα?αλλα εγραψα αλλα γραψατε γιατι?