Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Comfy Chair Tutorial

This is Thatch Cottage in the making...
I made a little armchair from old card and some floral fabric, below you can see how I did it.

I began by taking the size from another 1/12th scale chair, then I cut out some cardboard and created the basic shape.  

The first section of cardboard.
Now add a section of card for the seat.

I padded the arms and the back and even the front at the base. 

I then covered the back of the chair with floral fabric.

I made a little cushion.

I padded the arms.

I covered the front section of the arm.

Then the back of the arms so there are no gaps.

I padded the front of the chair.

I covered the rest of the main chair, glued the base in place.

Covered the back.

Lastly I added a frill and here is the finished chair.

The Cottage Garden the making

This is Thatch Cottage in the making...
Meanwhile outside the cottage was still in need of work.  

Around the walls I stuck pieces of cardboard that I’d cut out into random stone shapes.  I covered all this with tissue paper and PVA glue, you gota love PVA glue, its great stuff! When set I painted with a matt white.

I got some fake grass and set about deciding on where to place it. 

That decided I continued with the gate and the paving.  I had miniature paving stones which I laid dry first to check where they fitted.  They didn’t seem to be high enough so I raised them with some cardboard.Once I was happy I stuck the paving down and filled the gaps with grout.

To complete the effect I stained the gate, made a small step from card and tissue paper and added some moss growing in the cracks in the wall.


Now to make some flowers... this was my first every attempt at flowers, I learned a lot and know how I could make them ten times better in the future but for now, here they are along with a few other finishing touches such as a bird bath, a washing line post and a watering can, all made with my own fair hand lol.

 Lastly I needed a garden table and chairs, I couldn't find what I wanted in the shops so I made my own.

Add the odd spot of moss and a few dirty plant pots and you’ve got a garden to be proud of :)