Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Giveaway Draw

Thank you to all my lovely friends (both old and new) who entered, it is good to see you all.  I love to read your comments and I love to visit your blogs and see what you have been up to.  I have made the first of my four giveaway draws.  This draw is the Thatch Cottage draw for the little handmade pink check pin board complete with letters and a little jar of sugar with matching pink check tag.

And the winner is...



Please be sure to forward me your address so I will post your little goodies on to you :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Cottage Giveaway

Oh my goodness, I just logged on to see how many followers I had... well my friends we’ve reached the 50 followers mark!! Hurray!  This means I’ll be making the draw very soon, just in case you  would still like to enter this section of the draw I’ll be fair and I’ll make the draw on Tuesday evening after 7pm so you have until then to enter.  I’ll pop up a post to let you know who has won this round of the draw on Wednesday.

Remember you can still enter my other draws, there are three more! 
Thank you all for your valued friendship and your lovely comments, please keep in touch!

Big mini hugs
Gill x
Teeny Tiny Things

Friday, 11 January 2013

Kitchen and Dining...

Here is the kitchen and dining sections of Thatch Cottage, the dining section also doubles up as a hallway, its a little cosy in Thatch Cottage.

This is the kitehen area...
I love the little plant, its a succulant, it is REAL, it needs but a tiny drop of water and it will stay this small for quite some time so it is perfect for my mini cottage.

The pictures on the wall and the tea towel are a lovely gift from Jackie - Friday's Child. I made the cuttlery holder, mug and soap dish from card.

I made the little rugs and the shopping basket from string.

Even though this is slightly blured, I love the effect, the burned pan is my fave.

I made the stove, the knife and the wisk from metal and clay.

A bit of shopping.

You have to love the stains on the cooker :)

The inhabbitant of Thatch Cottage is a little messy sometimes, but she's content and so a little untiyness doesn't bother her.

The dining area...
Breakfast is served. The food is made by Amanda Speak, she makes great food stuffs.

As I said, the dining room doubles as a hall :)

Deborah Lane made this lovely cardigan.

AThe tea cosy was made by my friend Sylvia Sims.

I made the coat, the pinboard and the bag.
A view from above...

Thursday, 10 January 2013


 I'm having four giveaways... see my Teeny Tiny Things blog for full details.

Giveaway 1 (Thatch Cottage).  A little handmade pink check pin board complete with letters and a little jar of sugar with matching pink check tag.
Follow my Thatch Cottage blog and post a link to your blog to be entered into the draw for this mini give away.
As soon as I have 50 followers I will make the draw and inform the lucky winner.

 Good Luck!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Thatch Cottage Exterior Pictures

On a sunny day I took these pictures of the cottage out in my garden.
Welcome to Thatch Cottage.

A view from above.

 Washing Day.

A little bird box and feeder I made.
The grass all seems to be blowing in one direction, pure chance I think lol.

Peeking  through the window.

I always end up with lots of empty pots so this garden needed some too.

 The cushions on the chairs were made by the lovely Jackie.