Friday, 11 January 2013

Kitchen and Dining...

Here is the kitchen and dining sections of Thatch Cottage, the dining section also doubles up as a hallway, its a little cosy in Thatch Cottage.

This is the kitehen area...
I love the little plant, its a succulant, it is REAL, it needs but a tiny drop of water and it will stay this small for quite some time so it is perfect for my mini cottage.

The pictures on the wall and the tea towel are a lovely gift from Jackie - Friday's Child. I made the cuttlery holder, mug and soap dish from card.

I made the little rugs and the shopping basket from string.

Even though this is slightly blured, I love the effect, the burned pan is my fave.

I made the stove, the knife and the wisk from metal and clay.

A bit of shopping.

You have to love the stains on the cooker :)

The inhabbitant of Thatch Cottage is a little messy sometimes, but she's content and so a little untiyness doesn't bother her.

The dining area...
Breakfast is served. The food is made by Amanda Speak, she makes great food stuffs.

As I said, the dining room doubles as a hall :)

Deborah Lane made this lovely cardigan.

AThe tea cosy was made by my friend Sylvia Sims.

I made the coat, the pinboard and the bag.
A view from above...


  1. What else to say than LOVELY!!!!! :)

  2. You made ​​some good scenes. Very lifelike. Well done.


  3. I like this room. Very vital.
    Bye Faby

  4. Wow I love your kitchen its wonderful. It looks so lived in :)
    Hugs Maria

  5. Love it! I could live here....

  6. Guauuu que maravilla!!! me hago seguidora tuya para seguir viendo tus trabajos!!!!

  7. Wow! Your cottage is so adorable! You've done such a sweet job on it! I recently found your blog, and now I'm your newest follower. :-) xo Jennifer

  8. Me encanta esa cocina y sobre todo las fotografias en sepia, preciosa.
    besitos ascension

  9. Fantasic cottage! So many lovly details! Great job!

  10. Lovely cottage. It looks so well lived in. Great work!
    Hugs, Drora

  11. It really feels "lived in". I love it.


  12. Me gusta mucho todo el trabajo que has realizado, valoro mucho la creatividad y tu tienes cosas fantasticas.

    Saludos. Mª Jesús

  13. Lovely! This real plant is a great idea! :)

  14. This is fantastic! I love the 'real' effects - especially the stains on the cooker - looks like my house ;) I'm really enjoying your blogs, all the best x

  15. Hi,love the kitchen,It's so real and full of amazing details.Miniregards from sunny Spain.

  16. This is a very nice kitchen!

  17. Love all off it! wish I could live there :)