Thursday, 27 December 2012

Making and Painting Furniture 2

This is Thatch Cottage in the making...

I decided the cottage needed comfort so I bought a wooden bed and again I painted it to make it look old and worn.  I added some blue and white stripped flannelette sheets and matching pillow.

I made a comfy chair from some cardboard and a piece of floral fabric.  I'll do a tutotial on this later.

I wanted a little two ring stove for her to cook on so I made this from some metal and clay. 

 It had to be a little dirty and used looking of course. 

 I made a little mirror from an old mirror I had laying around and some card and tissue paper.  I then painted it cream.  Later on when I had more things in the cottage I brushed over it with a little gold to finish off.

I felt a little table was needed so I purchased one and again I made it look used with scuffing on the legs and coffee cup stain on top.  I added a little table cloth and some breakfast foods I had purchased from a fantastic artist called Amanda.

The cottage was really starting to come together now.

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